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To meet the demands of customers and continued growth of our survey software and services. iNetSurvey has introduced a major new upgrade to our leading survey software. Version 2.5 includes the following features:

New Version 2.5 Features
- Ability to create user filters.
- Apply multiple filters during analysis.
- New table format.
- Validation of responses.
- Mandatory question capabilities.
- Custom copyright statement.

Version 2.0 Features
- Integrated Spell Checker.
- Additional response types including Prompts, Rank and Matrix.
- Ability to integrate company logos on surveys
- Increased data and question limits
- Better locking and ability to limit duplicate responses
- Additional analysis options.
- New download format
- Ability to view and delete completed responses
- New slider charts
- Email options for survey distribution.

To see a more comprehensive table of features, click here.

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