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New Version 2.0 Released!

Mount Laurel, NJ (April 15, 2001) - today announced a major new release of their survey product, iNetSurvey Version 2.0 that will be available to customers in April, 2001.

To meet the demands of customers and continued growth of our survey software and services. iNetSurvey has introduced a major new upgrade to our leading survey software. New Version 2.0 includes the following features:

Integrated Spell Checker.
Additional response types including Rank and Matrix.
Additional analysis and download options.
Email options for survey distribution.
Managed Surveys, that allow customers to define respondents within iNetSurvey. Each survey participant can defined along with email and profile information (up to ten properties). Upon scheduling the survey, iNetSurvey will distribute the survey to the participants and monitor their responses. Managed surveys can be conducted either as anonymous or non-anonymous. During analysis, iNetSurvey merges the profile information with the participant response.

About iNetSurvey:

iNetSurvey, Inc. is a privately held New Jersey based company dedicated to utilizing the World Wide Web for survey creation, data collection, and dissemination of analyses at low cost to businesses, universities, and research institutions. iNetSurvey manages and maintains, as well as develops Windows software for organizations that require the ability to quickly generate and publish surveys to the Internet, intranet, or extranet.

For more information on iNetSurvey, Inc., contact John Vairo at (215) 794-4184, or visit:

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