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 Survey Types
iNetSurvey supports Regular, Restricted and Managed Surveys. This section describes the various survey types supported within iNetSurvey.
Regular surveys are the simplest form of surveys provided. The survey creator builds the survey and is responsible to distribute the survey to her respondents either via email or a link on her web-site. Optionally the user can provide iNetSurvey with a mailing list and iNetSurvey will distribute the survey. Survey results can be skewed by multiple submission of the survey by the same respondent. Users can limit multiple submission via uses of provided cookies. This is a free for all open survey and the respondent information is not known, thus enabling anonymous surveys. Regular surveys also offer the user to capture the timestamp of the response.
This is similar to the regular surveys that a respondent can submit multiple responses and that the distribution of the survey is the responsibility of the survey creator. These surveys offer the respondents to be limited since the survey requires the knowledge of an access code to complete the survey. The creator of the survey can distribute the access code to a known set of participants thus limiting only authorized users the access to the survey.
Managed surveys allow users to create a closed ended survey with a desired participant set. Managed surveys require the user to define the participants into iNetSurvey. Participants are organized into groups.Groups can be defined with up to 14 properties per user. Four properties are pre-defined by iNetSurvey and the other 10 as user-defined. Properties may carry any information about the participant that may already be available. Demographic information such as state of residence, martial status, gender, department, etc. of the respondent that may be available to the user can be defined here. In addition to the 14 properties, groups enable users to organize participants by some pre-determined criteria such as customer rep, department, location, etc. Each participant must carry an email address and optionally a name and a password (for password protected surveys.

Managed surveys can be conducted in an anonymous or non-anonymous mode. During analysis the participant profile information is merged with the survey response allowing the user better insights into the survey data. Managed surveys need to be scheduled for distribution at which time, iNetSurvey will distribute the survey to the participants. Managed survey distribution allows users to distribute the survey form in the email thus increasing response rates of these surveys. Managed surveys allow users to send reminders to participants that have not already responded and thank you notes to those who have responded.
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