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Build a survey from scratch or copy one of our many predefined surveys.
Survey properties allow you to define the purpose of the survey and thank the participant for taking the survey.
Ability to add and align company logo on survey form.
Display properties allow you to customize the look and feel of the survey to match your website including background images, colors, and fonts.
Return URL allows the user to specify an address to send the respondent to upon completion of the survey.
Support for both qualitative and quantitative questions.
Rank, Likerd Scale, and Matrix support.
Support for sections and descriptions.
Multi-language support.
Unique survey URL for each survey. Surveys hosted on iNetSurvey servers with 24/7 monitoring and redundant backups.
Post survey on your website.
Distribute survey URL to desired audience.
Perform scheduled mailing of survey URL to participants. iNetSurvey offers support for mail HTML which allows users to include the survey form in the email.
Managed surveys allow reminders to be sent to participants who have not yet responded to the survey. Thank you notes can be scheduled to respondents who have completed the survey.
Capture date/time of response.
Avoid duplicate responses through the use of cookies and managed surveys.
Decide duration of survey via user selectable start and end dates.
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Results updated in real-time.
Tabulation of quantitative data with raw and adjusted scores and percentages.
Cross tabulation support.
Ability to view responses to open-ended/qualitative type questions.
Selective questions display allows users to view survey responses in a tabular format on a browser.
Option to download raw data in multiple formats that can be exported to user databases for additional analysis.
Charting support including pie, bar, and sliders.
Descriptive statistics provided for Likerd scale.
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